CryptoWombat is a collection of 6869 Solana on-chain pixel art of wombats created by a Japanese artist. We are a team that created a new social media platform specifically for music. People can share their music listening history, and their reviews on this app. This platform aims to be a sophisticated music community. Are you bored of your basic AI recommendations from your streaming services?
Let's bring the community back into our own musical journey.

Wombats' Traits

Types Traits Amounts
Head Baseball Cap Blue / Baseball Cap Red / Bow / Crown / Duck / Egg Yolk / Gentleman / Knitted Hat / Mohawk & Blue Guitar / Mohawk & Brown Guitar / Mohawk & Pink Guitar / Mohawk & Purple Guitar / Mohawk & Red Guitar / Kunoichi / Ninja Green / Ninja Purple / PhDhat / Propeller / Straw Hat / UFO / None 21
Body (Clothes) Black Vest / Bow Tie / Gold / Hoodie / Khaki Vest / Kimono / Lavender Vest / Necklace / Pink Vest / Polo Shirt / Red Vest / Suspenders / Suspenders Kiwi / Suspenders Land / Suspenders Ocean / Suspenders Ukraine / None 17
Glasses Agent / Black Sunglasses / Btaniro / BrightViolet / Gunjo / Koikurenai / Kurobuchi / Miruiro / Queen / Tokiwa Iro / None 11
WonFrame (Nose color & Beard) Blue / Mocha Brown Hige / Mocha Hige / Mocha Lip / Mocha Smile / Mocha Tooth / Rose E / Rose Niya / Ultramarine O 9
Type (Body color) Azuki / Blue Green / Caféaulait / Cheek / Chocolate / Grapevine / Green / Komugi / White 9
Background Brown / Cyan Blue / Lavender / Psychedelic / Pulp Red / Rose Pink / Wakamidori / Yellow 8


When purchasing these lovely wombats, you will also get access to our private discord channel. There, you can join discussions about this products milestones, get the latest information, and so on. Why don't you join our community?


This NFT collection stands for our product, PULP, which is a new social media platform that specializes in music. On this platform, you can share your music listening history, discover new favorites, and make new friends! Below is a roadmap of how PULP was developed. Try PULP! Try PULP!

* This roadmap is flexible to market response and situation. But don't worry, every time our goal is to make a better music community!

App Launch Version1 - DONE

We've launched the first version of the Android and iOS app. Stream, Post, Activity, and Mypage are available.

In-app Token System - DONE

It's an in-app token like virtual currency. These are non-crypto tokens. We plan to use it for this community. You'll get tokens after some completeting certain actions : Getting hearts, playing your tracks, posts, etc.

◯ Free Mint For Whitelist - CryptoWombat NFT

150 Whitelist for free! Only thing that you need to pay for is the transaction fee. Retweet, Like, and Follow are also needed. More information will be announced on our Twitter.

◯ Public Mint! - CryptoWombat NFT

This is public sale! You can mint from our website and will trade at NFT marketplace.

◯ Similar tastes in Music

You can find friends with similar music tastes. Every user will have a similarities rating on their profile.

◯ New Song Recommendations from your own Personalized Social Graph

You will get daily recommendations from your own, personalized social graph. Discover new songs that other AI recommendations don't have.

◯ Whitepaper of Tokenomics

Designing of crypto token ecosystem in this app. Earning and utility will be designed in this phase. Existing non-crypto tokens will be connected seamlessly.

◯ Launch PULP Token

Users can use our original crypto tokens in this app. It will be Solana SPL tokens at our current plan.


Shiro Arai

Founder of Younode, Inc.
Music & Blockchain enthusiast.

Keita Hikita

CTO of Younode, Inc.
M.Sc. of Mathematics. Architect and developer of PULP.

Iftekhar Ali

Researcher & Developer
Researched the use of Ethereum for securities at the university.

Yoko Sano

NFT Artist
After 10+ years of experience as a systems engineer, she started as a creator of digital arts.

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